Member Leadership Program

Besides becoming an exchanging member of MTX, we also have openings in the Steering Committee and on various member leadership teams to help promote and run MTX. (Remember, you can earn time hours credits for directly supporting the MTX!) Below are just some of the kinds of skills and talents that MTX could likely use as it becomes an ever more vibrant community institution in our region

Possible Member Care Team Positions:

  • Member Care Committee – support member leaders to ensure all MTX members are engaged and involved.
  • Orientation Leader – run orientations for new members, should be comfortable speaking about the program in front of a group once a month.
  • New Member Mentor – answer new member’s questions and help them get started making their first exchanges. Flexible hours, can be done from home.
  • Office Helper – data entry, filing, phone calls to schedule orientations, etc.
  • Ebuddy – offers tech/computer support for those who need help accessing MTX with a computer. Help manage member accounts & provide individual software training.

Possible Fundraising Team Positions:

  • Fundraising Committee – makes sure MTX has funds to support it’s operations.
  • Grant Team – research and apply for grants that favor MTX’s mission.
  • Microenterprise Team – develop alternative revenue sources that use time banking as a tool.
  • Events Team – Help organize fundraising and other events.

Possible Outreach Team Positions:

  • Outreach Committee – coordinate all outreach and support outreach leaders.
  • Marketing Team – develop outreach through website, brochures, social media, etc.
  • TMX Ambassadors – make presentations on the Monadnock Time Exchange at events and to organizations, recruit new members and partners.
  • Partnership Liaisons – develop collaborations and reciprocity with arts orgs., health care orgs., educational institutions, local businesses, and various civic groups

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