Organizational Basics

MTX Logo PossibilityThe Monadnock Time Exchange (MTX) is a nonprofit community project launched in 2014. MTX is governed by a Board of Directors of local community members.

To assist our work of helping community members exchange their time and talents in an easy and efficient way, we have also joined with hOurworld, a support organization for over 450 local time exchanges (sometimes called time banks) throughout the United States and the United Kingdom that all use the same open source software system. For more information on hOurworld’s Time and Talents software, click here.

hOurworldAs such, MTX has FREE access to the TimeNTalents database that facilitates not only our growing local exchange, but exchanges around the world. The unwavering commitment of hOurworld is to make its software available to anyone, anywhere, at no cost. Over the last 11 years, the software continues to be developed by a largely volunteer effort guided by lead designer, Stephen Beckett.

We know that TimeNTalents is not a perfect tool. But we believe it the best tool there is. Stephen Beckett is ever-responsive to suggestions from users throughout the hOurworld network. In fact, an Antioch University New England graduate student team proposed upgrades to TimeNTalents in 2013 which Stephen implemented in January of 2014 with partial funding from the Antioch University New England’s Center for Academic Innovation.

If you have questions, concerns, comments or suggestions about your experience with TimeNTalents, we would be happy to hear from you:


In keeping with our philosophy of open innovation, hOurworld partnered with graduate students of Antioch University New England in 2013 to co-produce a unique digital interface that combines elements of gaming psychology and mechanics. The students conceptualized the initial design of the interface and secured funding for development through Antioch University New England’s Center for Academic Innovation and other donors.

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