MTX Member Shares Experience and Thoughts: Michele Moore


MTX Member Michele Moore

“Most wellness is up to the person. Give them a good diet and that’s the basis,” said Michele Moore, MD, who has practiced medicine for the past 40 years, much of it holistic.

She said that diets don’t have to be complicated and recommended striving to eat a colorful plate. Many of the super vegetables are deeply colored. And she pointed out that it is possible to eat in season with foods that are available locally.

Other components of leading a healthy life include getting enough sleep and exercise, some type of inner life or meditative time, and finding purpose in life, she added. Although these are common sense, many have difficulty practicing them.

Moore studied medicine for 5 years in Dublin at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, earning her MD degree. She followed that with a 2-year residency at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Syracuse, New York, focusing on family practice. For six years, she worked as a busy doctor in Crown Point, New York before moving to New Hampshire, where she briefly worked at one group practice before joining six or seven other health practitioners to open a holistic health center in Keene. Unfortunately, in 1984, it was before its time and couldn’t be sustained financially so it closed after a year or two. Moore opened her own private practice and continued for nearly the next twenty years.

In her practice, she was open to whatever worked, with the least risks associated with it. Many women liked the idea of having a female doctor and sought out Moore. She wound up doing lots of work with allergies, although that was not by design. A lot of clients looked to her for interpretation and guidance, as they weren’t getting answers from other doctors, even after having complex work-ups done. “I would tease out subtle things, always with an emphasis on doing no harm,” she said.

Moore is also the author of eleven books, including The Only Menopause Guide You’ll Need, published in 2004 by Johns Hopkins University Press and, more recently, Hungry Neighbors: Hunger & Hope in Northern New England, published in 2016 with CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

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