MTX Member Shares Experience and Thoughts: Erin Williams


MTX Member Erin Williams

“If we can spend just a little time on things that benefit others, I think that’s a good thing,” said MTX member, Erin Williams.

Erin, who joined MTX this past March, knit a scarf for Kimberley Glade, received Reiki from Katy Locke, and exchanged fingernail polishing with Bridgette Milgie, along with a couple other activities.  “Everyone is worthwhile and whatever you can do is valuable to someone,” she pointed out.

Erin thinks that the MTX concept helps equalize giving and receiving. A receiving member might not offer a service needed by the provider involved in that particular exchange, but instead, can provide a service to a different member who seeks that kind of offer. The provider in the initial exchange can then ‘spend’ the time earned on something he/she needs that another member offers. Participants in MTX can appreciate simple things, like enjoying experiences while getting to know people, said Erin.


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