MTX Member Shares Experience and Thoughts: Sandra Whippie


MTX Member Sandra Whippie

Sandra Whippie joined MTX eleven months ago and applauds the reciprocity of the time exchange.

“The time exchange is very flexible; you can take from one hand and give to the other,” she said, describing how she could spend hours that she earned by providing rides for Galen Butcher, to receive computer assistance from Nikki Sauber.

Sandra calls time a very valuable commodity that is more of an equalizer than money. In fact, having time for the things she wants to do led her to retire at age 55 after working double time in the education system for a long period.

The match between she and Galen has worked well, she explained, as her background in education provided years of experience working with students with special needs. Thirty-five years of classroom teaching and school administration have given her the sensitivity to support the special skills and efforts Galen applies to the challenge of navigating his interpersonal interactions.

“Every human being has strengths and weaknesses and the time exchange offers an opportunity for them to list areas they feel strong in and ask for help in areas that they need (help),” said Sandra.

She views time exchanges as an exciting concept that she is glad to see catching on and spreading across the country and beyond.

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