MTX 2016 Annual Letter

Dear MTX Members,

Your Monadnock Time Exchange has experienced a year of both internal evolution and external growth. The Board of Directors, at our annual Board retreat facilitated by Dave Chase from Antioch New England, has developed a comprehensive strategic plan that will guide us in our decision-making in the future. To further this process, we have identified our organizational Strengths and Weaknesses.

It is evident from these assessments that the Board of Directors and staff are a collaborative team embodying and promoting MTX Core Values, with a strong commitment to the mission, to our members, and to our community. Through the low cost of exchanges, a culture of volunteerism, and potential partnerships with local organizations, MTX is redefining, honoring and rewarding work that needs to be done in our communities. We are identifying individuals and organizations in the Monadnock Region interested and engaged in positive, healthy growth, and in helping one another. This creates a two-way street of giving and receiving; MTX provides a vehicle for that reciprocity. MTX is positioned to serve populations in need regardless of age, economic situation, or other factors. Finally, we respect the fact that we are all connected and that these connections foster a healthier, sustainable community.

So, what do the following Keene community events in this last year – KSC Fair Fair, Badger, lunch ’n learn, the article in the Keene Sentinel on Easter Sunday, Green Up Keene, Earth Day, Monadnock Lion’s Club, MTX monthly potlucks, and the New Hampshire Permaculture Conference – all have in common? MTX Core Values, that’s what! These outreach activities have resulted in an increase in both membership and exchanges.

Nothing in nature is a one-way street. It’s all about the flow of giving and receiving. Your “Offers” and “Requests” make MTX work. The core values of Reciprocity, Equality, and Respect remind us that everyone has something to contribute to the work necessary to make our communities, our world, and ourselves vibrant, healthy and whole.

As we head into our third year, we plan to continue to increase our membership, enlist additional board members and volunteers, increase the number of organizational partners and organizational members, and develop a strong communication plan. Our ultimate goal is to better serve you, our members!


Katy Locke, Executive Director & D’Vorah Kelley, President, Board of Directors

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