Time and Talents Software Update

Stephen_NewScanFrom Time and Talents Software Designer Stephen Beckett:

In keeping with our philosophy of open innovation, hOurworld partnered with graduate students of Antioch University New England in 2013 to co-produce a new digital interface for our time exchange to combine elements of gaming psychology and mechanics. The students, working for the steering committee of the newly formed Monadnock Time Exchange conceptualized the initial design of the interface and secured funding for development through Antioch’s Center for Academic Innovation and a grant received from the Hemlock Charitable Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation by Transition Keene Advocates.

We’re therefore now releasing a new member profile page that is much more elegant that the old one and displays a series of badges that members earn by participating in timebanking in varioius ways. Click [Help] when you are on the page member side to learn more:

Members are awarded badges for participating in various aspects of time banking. For the most part these badges are tracked and assigned automatically by the system. There are a few that appear as a result of Administrative action. When you are on the member side you may mouse over any badge to learn more about that series. If you are on your own page the explanations are a bit differnent than when you are on another member’s page.

Badges are awarded at set levels like 5, 10, 15 and so on. There are dif. scales for dif. badges. We’ll be programming to show the next badge in the series if there is one. The badges in order of appearance are:

  • Number of Service Exchanges
  • Number of Services Received
  • Number of Services Provided to the local time exchange
  • Number of Endorsements
  • Number of Groups joined
  • Distinct Number of members exchanged with.
  • If I had three exchanges: 1 with John and 2 with Bob that would be two distinct members.
  • Number of Page Visits by other members
  • Number of Months as an active member
  • √ Completed Orientation Admins add the attribute Private Attributes: Completed Orientation
  • √ Uploaded a Profile Image this is automatic
  • √ Completed Advanced Admin Training Admins add the attribute Private Attributes: Completed Advanced Training
    This is used when members learn special skills to help support the local time bank.

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