Welcome To The Monadnock Time Exchange

The Monadnock Time Exchange (MTX) is a cooperative network that helps community members match unmet needs with untapped resources by exchanging our time and talents. MTX does this by using a helpful software tool used by hundreds of time banks and exchanges in the US and the UK, and focusing on the currency of time, not cash. For every hour you do something needed by another member of the time exchange, you will “earn” a time credit that you can “spend” to receive a wide variety of free services offered by other talented neighbors, community members, and participating organizations active in the time exchange.

Check out what SERVICES are already being offered by current members. Consider what services you can offer to this growing network if you join!

So, what do you need? What can you offer others? The Monadnock Time Exchange will help you match your needs with others’ talents, and your talents with others’ needs… and do this in a simple and fun way. You will likely meet new people and get to know your neighbors better by becoming a member of the Monadnock Time Exchange.

The Monadnock Time Exchange is a 501(c)3 organization which depends upon the generosity of its community and members. We welcome donations at any time.


Can a time exchange (sometimes called a time bank) really help improve your life? Here’s what our membership coordinator, Diana Damato has to say about this growing innovation in communities across the nation. Her interview with MTX member Gerhard Bedding was recently broadcast on the first part of his biweekly local Cheshire TV program, The View From Here.

Join the Monadnock Time Exchange to improve the quality of your life and your community one hour at a time!

For more information, check out this website, contact the Monadnock Time Exchange’s Coordinator at monadnocktimex@gmail.com, or call us at 603-465-1153.

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